Chinese New Year Celebrations

We learned about and celebrated Chinese New Year for just over a week

On Wed 10th Feb we were invited, with Kemerton Pre-school to Overbury School’s reception class where we joined in with craft activities and had an early experience of the classroom

Our own activities the following week allowed us, to explore another country’s culture (knowledge and understanding of the world).
Looking at our own animal personalities gave a sense of self and we also thought about other members of our families, considering the years of their births and inviting parents to explore the display with their children (personal, social and emotional dev. and problem solving, reasoning and numeracy).

We looked at the story behind Willow patterned plates (communication, language and literacy) and created our own (creative dev.).

By making tiger masks (2010 is the year of the tiger) we discovered what happened when we mixed yellow and red paint, then took care to cut them out honing fine motor skills (physical dev.)