Combining Trip

On Wednesday, 18th August, we went on our rain-postponed trip to watch the harvesting. We had been planning to go the previous Wednesday but the children learned how reliant Farmer Jake is on fair weather!!

When we arrived at the field in the tractor and trailer we found that they had another problem - the combine had broken down!

This, however, didn't dampen the children's spirits at all. Locked safely into the trailer they were able to clamber about to watch the baler in one field and have a good look at the stationary combine.

In small groups we climbed down to have a closer look at the fields, the machinery and the crops. We then climbed on the bales to watch the baler continuing it's work up and down the field (all still at a safe distance!).

Back at nursery we used grain and barley we had gathered to make our harvest collages.