Chinese New Year Activities 31st Jan - 11th Feb

We have had 2 busy weeks of activities exploring the traditions and concepts to do with Chinese New Year celebration!!

2011 is the year of the rabbit so the older children carefully cut out rabbit ears and all ages were able to decorate them with red paint and gold glitter.

More precision and perseverance to create Chinese Lanterns. The activity may have been planned for the older children but the younger ones were keen to try for themselves and with adult support they practised their cutting too.
We learned that red and gold are the colours used to celebrate Chinese New Year. So we have done lots of free painting and collage making in those two colours.
Tanya brought in her Willow pattern plate and after hearing the story behind it, the children carefully painted their own paper plates, telling their own very imaginative stories.
We finished our celebrations by joining Tower class at Overbury school, sharing prawn crackers at snack time, taking part in their activities and running around in their playground.
Some of our Chinese New Year art is now displayed at nursery, make sure you take a look when you are next in the main playroom!!