Chinese New Year

At Grasshoppers the oldest children received some invitations from the children in Reception and Year One at Overbury School to attend Chinese New Year Celebrations on 11th February. So on Monday morning a group of children, some of whom will be going on to Overbury School in September, spent the morning in Tower Class.










This is the third year we have visited for Chinese New Year celebrations. Not only does it allow the children to further explore other cultures (we have been doing our own related activities at nursery), but it also serves as a good early introduction to school. We visit for other special occasions throughout the year, gradually building  awareness and confidence of those who will be moving on later in the year. The past transitions between nursery and and school have been seamless!

The nursery children were happy to see old friends, show off their skills at the activities provided, meet the teachers and just play with the BIG children!




We also sat down to snack time with the school children and then had more time to play and try out more activities. By the end of the morning all of the nursery children were confidently exploring the room and playing with the school children. It may be early days, but it all bodes well for September.


Thank you Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Evans (that must get confusing!) and all of the Year One and Reception children, for a lovely morning!

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