A bale of fun!

This year the children have been able to see the wheat crop developing. From a field of tiny shoots visited in January as part of British Breakfast Week celebrations http://www.overburyenterprises.co.uk/2015/01/shake-up-your-wake-up/ , to the crop ready to harvest seen in July http://www.overburyenterprises.co.uk/2015/07/checking-out-the-wheat/

This week the children have had so much fun just climbing on a large bale of straw!!

Some of the children were really excited and quite fearless in their physical exploration!

While others took their time, but then were really proud of their efforts!

Two boys couldn't resist watching video, over and over, of their climbing recorded for posterity (and their learning journeys) using EYlog https://www.eylog.co.uk/earlyyearslog

Younger children used their senses to carefully explore

While one of the older boys knew all about straw being used for bedding and hay and silage for animal food (having experienced farming with grandparents).

He involved younger, often quite reserved children in his informed game, as they made their own animal beds and bales of hay and silage (the grass cuttings!!)

Thanks to Overbury Farms http://www.overburyfarms.co.uk/farming/ I bet you never realised how much fun and learning could be had with one of your bales!!