Have multiple seats - will travel!!

We are very excited with our new acquisition of a FOUR seater buggy, which means that ALL of the youngest nursery children can attend all our special events and can go out for 'walks' anytime!!

New 4 seater buggy for Overbury Grasshoppers

We often have up to 9 one year olds at Grasshoppers and this has meant that it has sometimes been difficult for them to attend special events or come on our walks!

After much research into what would best suit all or needs, we purchased a fabulous 4 seater buggy CLICK HERE

We have already tried it out several times (we have only had it a week!)

We were keen to show off our new mode of transport so took all of the one year olds up to the estate office where we knew there would be an enthusiastic audience!


Look out for us if you are in the area - we will always be keen to give you a wave!!