Please take some time to read the kind words & recommendations from parents about Overbury Grasshoppers nursery. 

Variety of activities


I love the variety of activities you offer, including visitors. The recent book activity was a great example of individuality and creativity. Our son was able to tell us bits about the police visit and the florist. The EYlog reports are great, especially the personalised ones. The videos are wonderful, seeing children in the nursery environment during 1-1 focused activities for example the colour cards or bean bags and hoops. I very much miss the days that they are no updates (I appreciate these are rare) The children are tired when they come home and it is lovely to be armed with information from posts to talk about, they respond well to the fact that I know things. We are both pleased they have so much opportunity to be outside rain or shine.Also love the recent planting. Thanks so much for all you are doing for our children.


Sam and Susie

Settling in…

Dear Sharron

I just wanted to put in writing about how pleased we are with Ella’s first half term at Grasshoppers.

As I’m sure is the same with all parents, we were very anxious about leaving Ella for the first time (she was 15 months) but yourself and your team were so reassuring, and really seemed to understand what a worrying time this was for us!

The settling in process worked really well, leaving Ella for just an hour or two at a time on several occasions for her to get used to staff and the environment. Staff are always happy to welcome her into the building, and give her time and space to settle at her own pace.

My son is 7 and has SEN, he was also nervous about leaving his baby sister with ‘strangers’ but the way that you included him in the process was lovely – he chose which cot Ella could sleep in, the picture on her peg etc etc. This really reassured him and helped us relax as a family.

During the first few months I found I needed to call at lunchtime to check on how Ella was doing. I could often hear her chattering in the background! Having an honest update on Ella’s mood, meals, sleeps etc was great, and your staff didn’t seem to mind me calling which I appreciated.

You have all been very patient and caring when it comes to her naps, teething, colds etc  – it feels like you strive to meet her individual needs (rather than a blanket approach for all of the children) and we are also confident that we are leaving Ella in safe hands.

The EYlog is absolutely fantastic – the photos of Ella enjoying her time at nursery spring up on mine and my partner’s computers whilst we are at work, and they make such a difference – we are not just ‘told’ that she is having a good day, but we can ‘see’ for ourselves how happy she is. These photos are them emailed to grandparents who are also enjoying watching Ella settle into her new toddler role too!

Overall, we feel that we have made a great decision in choosing Grasshoppers for Ella, and look forward to lots of happy times.

Thanks again

Helen Gascoyne

Learning and developing

We are so pleased with Max's development whilst at Grasshoppers nursery. He has shown much improvement in his speech that now he can almost construct a full sentence so that one can quickly understand what he means. He now recites the alphabet and numbers so very well in both English and Italian. We have been so very impressed with the activities that Max has been involved with at nursery, he gets excited to tell us about his daily adventures. The fact that Max looks forward to coming to nursery each and every day gives us more confidence that he loves what he is doing at nursery, he speaks highly of  his teachers all the time. Investment in education is paramount. The outstanding management, staff and resources at Grasshoppers nursery are an exemplary demonstration of this. We are confident Max's emotional, social and educational needs are always met and in fact go far beyond our expectations,


Billy and Michela

EYlog – Electronic observation and assessment…

“The EYlog has been a superb addition to the Overbury Grasshoppers reports. It has allowed me to see real time what Oscar (our 2 year old) has been doing during the day. Also, the evaluation area within the EYlog has provided an insight into Oscar’s progress.

By far the most valuable feature of the EYlog is the ability to view photos of Oscar, with links sent direct to my email. It is fantastic to see a picture of Oscar during his daytime activities at nursery.

If I could give Overbury nursery and the EYlog a star rating it would be 10/10

Richard Jaques”    Cotswold Web Services   Evesham WR11 1GP

Keep up the good work

We are very happy with all aspects of our daughters care and learning. She thoroughly enjoys attending grasshoppers and we can see what a positive effect it has on her. Keep up the brilliant work Jayne and Carolyn.


Michelle and Simon

Parents evening

I want to say a big thank you to all the staff, you are such a nice team. Because my sons condition is complex we are always alert but with all of your help, you listen, making us a bit more relaxed. 



Holiday Club…such fun!


I just wanted to thank everyone for holiday club. J had such an amazing time and he was so excited to tell us what he had been to. We have never used any holiday care before, being a teacher, so its absolutely lovely to find an activity day that is based around being outdoors so much. I will definitely be recommending you to our friends. 


A Read

Such a brilliant job

I'd like to start by thanking all the staff for such a brilliant job they do everyday. We could not be happier with how well our daughter has developed and grown into the little lady that she is, you have all had a huge part to play in this. She will miss seeing you all every week, as I know she has made some great friends over the years, I'm glad I can keep coming back with our son. Thank you all again, you all deserve a medal.


Jenny and Adam

Relationship with Overbury School…

“Dear Sharron,

As we have discussed before, I feel the relationship you have with Overbury C of E First School is excellent. This relationship enables the often difficult transition between nursery and school to be remarkably smooth.

With both Edward last year and Harry this, I can confidently say that neither child has had any difficulty settling into school. This is a result of the excellent working relationship you (Overbury Grasshoppers) has with the school. They were also able to go to school with so many of their friends from nursery.

I believe that it is a shame that more children cannot benefit from the close relationship between preschool and school that we are so fortunate to have at Overbury.

It is an additional bonus for us and our sons that they can be dropped off and picked up from school by nursery with so many of their friends. This ideal set up at nursery means they were comfortable interacting with children of all ages before they went to school. This has also helped them settle into school.

I would highly recommend Overbury Grasshoppers.”

Victoria Reilly

Could not be happier

I couldn't be happier with the care and attention that our daughter receives at nursery. All the staff work to ensure each child's learning  and play needs are met. Carolyn and Jayne have been fantastic helping her grow from a toddler to a little girl and now almost a little lady.


Rosy and Reg

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