Fun in the sun! (Week beg. 17th May)

This week we have really enjoyed the sunny weather, but we have had a very wet week!!

The water tray has enabled us to enjoy enthusiastic, sociable, collaborative games, quiet exploration and experimentation, colour mixing, bubbly fun and lots more besides.

With outdoor play the preferred choice, we have tried to provide learning opportunities in all areas of the curriculum outside.

Snacks have been enjoyed outside at a table, as a picnic on mats and in a camouflage den!

Construction toys – duplo and mega blocks, were used to make trains, star wars spaceships and so much more!

Different mark-making materials have been on offer outside and all ages have made good use of them.

Small world games have been given more scope with a larger area to explore - farm animals, wild animals and cars and trains were all taken into the garden and some found their way into the water (don’t worry they survived!)