Bug Hotel

Have you seen our fabulous bug hotel at the bottom of the car park?

We have become very interested in the insects we find in the nursery garden, in our meadow area, orchard and out and about at Forest School and on our walks. The children have been using magnifying glasses and reference books to find out more about them.
We found several examples of ideas for building insect hotels to provide the right habitats to increase the number of beneficial insects in the garden, and decided to build our own. Perhaps you would like to make one too!

Here is how we made ours.
  • We took a postcard to 'Buider Mark' at the estate yard to ask for any old palettes, wood, bricks and pipes he could spare.
  • We took a postcard to 'Farmer Jake' asking if we could collect wool and straw from the farm
  • We collected pine cones and sticks on our walks
  • When we had assembled everything the children used wooden trolleys to transport everything to the area chosen to build our hotel (between the buddleias - good for butterflies!
  • The children had good fun positioning all of the materials, as you can see from the pictures.

We are doing regular checks on the bug hotel, but there are still some vacancies so please tell any insects you know!!