Look what else we've grown!

Over the Summer, we grew a row of sunflowers.

We have watered them and watched them grow very closely - one of them had more than one flower!
After he went along the line carefully counting the flowers, one of the children suggested we number them. Doing just that has opened up all sorts of other opportunities for maths; comparing them and guessing which would grow the tallest.
They have finished flowering now, so we are drying out the flowerheads to plant some of the seeds next year and to feed the birds through the winter.

We also planted some gerberas in wellington boots to brighten up the entrance. We have looed after them and learned what our flowers needed to grow. The gerberas have also reached the end of their growing season, but as we got so many comments about our lovely wellies we are going to replant them, they may become a seaonal feature!