Grasshoppers at Kemerton Autumn Weekend 2nd and 3rd October

For the past couple of weeks both the nursery and after-school club children have been busy doing lots of craft activities to produce their works of art to become part of the displays relating to harvest in St. Nicholas Church, Kemerton.

Harvest of the Grain: The children made collages with the wheat, barley and grain they collected when they went to watch the combining.

They used flour made with wheat harvested in Overbury to make salt dough bread, which they will be using in their role play after the Harvest Weekend.

Harvest of the Flock: When making their colourful sheep, the children learned how the sheep’s wool (from Overbury sheep) is transformed to make the colourful yarn that makes their clothes, carpets and rugs.
Harvest of the Garden:
We had great fun printing with different fruit and vegetables collected when we walked to the Court’s kitchen garden.

Harvest of the Ocean: The older nursery children practised their cutting skills to make their colourful fish. The youngest children also enjoyed getting stuck in!!