A Frosty Walk - Fri 21st Jan

We had our waterproofs and lots of layers on and two of the youngest children were tucked up in the double buggy as we ALL went out on a frosty Friday morning.
We had a good run around an open field before really exploring our surroundings.
We found a hole at the edge of the field and with close examination, we worked out that it was a rabbit's home.

Then we found some berries which we decided the birds would need soon, with all the frosty weather making the ground too hard for them to find bugs and worms.
We counted the icicles hanging on the fence and the horses in the field.
In the church, we discovered lots of animal pictures on the kneelers, we found a beehive, a collie dog, a sheep and a cockerel, but we couldn't find the aeroplane we had seen on a previous visit anywhere.

In the churchyard we discovered that the snowdrops are already braving the cold weather, just like us!!!