Budding artists in lots of media!!

Last week the children really explored their creativity, choosing the resources and activity which helped them express themselves best.

On our walk the previous week we saw snowdrops. The children of all ages were able to do still life paintings of the tiny flowers, mixing blue and yellow to make their own green paint, then using rulers to paint stems and finger painting the blossoms.

As you can see they were very proud of their masterpieces!!

We took our art outside too, drawing inthe sand.

One of the

boys was able to fit all of the planets into his picture!

The home corner has been moving around the room lately!! and has been a space ship and last week, a castle.

Inside the castle the children have really enjoyed building for themselves. They made museums for their dinosaurs and photographed their own creations - David Bailey eat your heart out!!

Finally, back to painting.

Having talked about the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch (29th and 30th Jan) and spotting wagtails, pigeons and blackbirds in our garden, some of the children drew birds from one of our reference books. Then more colour mixing, then painting with spatulas, just like Van Gogh!!