Introducing Carolyn

A new member of staff joined the Overbury Grasshoppers' team last week. Carolyn Davies is an experienced, qualified nursery nurse with three children of her own. Last year she ran the London Marathon for charity and we hope that she will make physical activities at Grasshoppers her speciality.

Clearly starting as she means to go on, she led a physical, soft ball activity. In our warm up we did stretches and running on the spot.

Then the children's gross motor skills were tested -they had great fun throwing and catching the ball, rolling, passing and kicking it.
They really enjoyed the activity and the warm down testing their balancing skills before more stretches.
The children have been interested in sea creatures recently so some of our creative activities are reflecting this fascination.Carolyn quickly got stuck in, quite literally, making papier mache fish and colour mixing to create an aquarium in which to display some of our underwater art.

Another of her skills is Maketon and the children are already learning the signs to a song we use at the snack table to promote good manners.