Red Nose Fun!!!

We had a whole week's worth of Red Nose fun to make sure that everyone had a chance to take part.Thank you to everyone who bought cakes and biscuits, made donations and 'got rid of'' all their loose change, we raised a total of £96.85

We baked and decorated special cup cakes and rice krispie cakes and made bright red shortbread, which tasted much better than it looked!!

Our art and craft activities included lots of red painting, but not just with brushes!!!

and careful drawing and sticking to make faces with red noses on paper plates.

Our red theme was carried on through snack time on Monday as the children had a special treat - jam on their toast, but only if they could do the spreading themselves!

Outside the older children had fun searching for red noses, then identifying the numbers, sorting them and putting them into the correct order.