'Lessons in Loaf' holiday club activity - A 'taste' of things to come!


During the Easter school break the holiday club children enjoyed a day celebrating rural pursuits.



Joined at the village hall by some of the oldest nursery children (our keenest bakers!), they made bread.

They had the time to explore all the processes involved, measuring the ingredients, mixing, kneading, allowing the dough to rise and finally baking their own very individual loaves.



They looked at raw materials and, learning about the milling of cereals, tried various means of grinding for themselves.

In the afternoon the tractor and trailer made one stop to collect more of the older nursery children, before picking up the bakers from the village hall.
Then Farmer Jake drove us to the lambing sheds at Park Farm. He showed us their ear tags and how the infra-red lamps keep struggling lambs warm.

We were lucky enough to see a baby lamb being born and the children really seemed to appreciate this opportunity to get up close to the animals and see what goes on behind the scenes on the farm!



The day was a great success and we hope to be able to offer similar unique rural activities during future holidays, watch this space for details!!