Spring walks

We went out walking twice last week, making the most of the lovely weather.

All of the animals were keeping their distance from us though! We admired the horses at the bottom of the field next to nursery, the first day we counted 6 through the fence, later in the week there were 9!! There were sheep and lambs in another field and we leaned on the gate to try and get a better look.

The inhabitants of this hole were nowhere to be seen, but lots of the children knew it was a rabbit they were looking for!
We stopped to look at lots of wild flowers too and the bugs on and around them ladybirds are our current favourites. One of the flowers we found is called Jack-by-the-hedge, so I couldn't resist
snapping this picture of one of our Jacks by a hedge!

On our way back on Thursday we thought we were being chased by Martyn, the forester in his tractor. But really he was just manoeuvring into position to move some very big logs. We moved to a safe distance , the children were so enthralled that they sat down to make themselves comfortable to watch - farming, the new spectator sport!!.