Leavers' Picnic - 12th August

  • 17 Aug 2011
  • PSE





The tractor and trailer was full - parents and siblings joining in with the celebration of the transition from nursery to school.


We had a ride to the top of the hill before returning to the picnic site.







Everyone had fun exploring the area, especially traversing the stream!










Before settling down to share the picnic provided.
When everyone had had their fill of the lovely food, the leavers had a treasure hunt.

















Only if the children found a photo of themselves would they receive their special leavers' gift (making them work to the last!).


So they scrambled around rocks, looked in tree branches and up a steep slope, and eventually every picture was retrieved.






An impromptu , informal presentation while still out and about, exchanging the photos for the gifts, before a ride back to nursery and balloons to take home!


Good bye and good luck to all those starting school, we know they are all ready for the new challenges ahead - but we will miss them none the less!!