Outdoor Learning - Mon 1st August

On our walk last Monday afternoon we were able to lots of exploring to learn about the wildlife and countryside around us.

The children found lots of feathers of different sizes and types. Then we heard a noise coming from the top of an oak tree and wondered if the owners of some of those feathers lived up there. We enjoyed running though the field to look at the Brake Pool (safely, from behind the fence) where we saw a pair of cormorants, a long way from their seaside home, perhaps they dropped a feather on their way over us.

As we are lucky enough to go on regular walks...

...we know who lives in the holes in School Field. It was my (Sharron) first visit to the Kitchen Garden but the children know their way around and were not surprised to see lemons growing in Overbury and could identify the vegetables growing there as Ted has told them all about them. And of course we all know where we are allowed to walk and always look out for the footpath markers.

Bugs are a firm favourite with the children, we found leaf bugs we hadn't seen before, butterflies and lots of ladybirds.

Counting the spots on all of the ladybirds we found enabled us to practise our maths skills, we used our problem solving skills to measure the trunk of a large oak tree and did more counting as we neared home - the stud horses in the field surrounding nursery.

So much learning squeezed into one lovely walk!

There are more photos from our most recent walks currently showing on the digital frame at nursery for parents to see when they drop off or collect their children!!