Log of our first 'out and about session' this term







Last Thursday the three year olds followed the footpath signs to the school's Forest School area.


Once there, they learned about the Base Camp area, the place they group together, learn about the rules of Forest School rules and talk about what they have seen, found and done.

Then the children had some time to do some exploring in the 'forest', they had hoped to find a wolf, but I don't think that is what lives down the hole they did find!! They were also excited to find another footpath sign...
So we followed the arrow over the stile and across the field to the orchard where there was a second stile, but this one had a dog gate, and when you are more or less dog sized you just have to try it out!!






In the orchard we found lots of things of interest, fallen branches were of great interest until we found a whole tree to explore. Ellie noticed a toadstool and showed the children and then they found the trailer (our favourite mode of transport when hooked to one of the farm's tractor). 




So then... back to base camp, following the footpath way-markers to the 'forest', the children all remembered the way and congregated to dicsuss other interesting finds such as....




...pheasant feathers, twigs, acorns and the conkers we used later the same day for painting. 

If you have a child of 3 and over (able to learn some of the rules of Forest School) who attends Grasshoppers on Thursday mornings, please try to ensure that they have wellies, waterproofs and a change of clothes, so that we are able to make the most of subsequent, regular 'out and about' sessions.

(Please note that due to our ties with the farm and estate we are able to take the children of all ages out to explore their surroundings, a glance back through some of our previous blogs will show both planned and spontaneous outings).