Christmas Tree Trip

On Tuesday 29th November the older children were lucky enough to ride on the tractor Christmas tree for nursery.




We didn’t take the direct route there, Derek took us the long way and the children really enjoyed the bumpy ride.

We disembarked and walked down to where there were Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes growing.

We were able to get up close and examine the trees to see which one we would like, and then we watched Derek saw it down there and then!

Then we followed the tree back up the track to the tractor.

After cutting down one tree Farmer Jake took us to show us one of the new elm trees that has been planted on the estate. He explained to the children some of the differences between our evergreen Christmas tree and the deciduous elm.

The rain hadn't spoiled the children’s trip at all, but they looked at the new elm from the trailer as Derek and Penelope measured the tree. It is 3 metres tall and we plan to keep a close eye on its growth and development on future trips and walks.

Back to nursery, where Farmer Jake unloaded our tree ready for us to decorate next week!