Remember, remember...

We try not to take for granted what we have right on our doorstep and in the build up to the 5th November our walks allowed us to carefully monitor the building of the village bonfire.

On our first visit we met our good friend Ted the gardener who had some things in his trailer to start building the bonfire, so he let the children pretend to drive his quad (strictly supervised)!!

On Thursday our 'Out and About' session took us past the site again, more logs and garden waste had been brought to the field but the bonfire had yet to be assembled so....







...was still at a good level for us to really explore!!

On Friday we watched from the nursey garden as the tractors stacked the logs, branches and garden waste to make a great big bonfire. Then in the afternoon we went to have a closer look.

It was quite an impressive site to stand back and admire, but much more fun to play with the straw the tractors had left behind!

Lots of the nursery children were at the firework display and so witnessed all of that hard work go up in flames!!