Remembrance at Grasshoppers

The children enjoyed cutting and sticking and painting activities to make their own poppies. Some wore their own poppies, others noticed those the staff and other adults were wearing. On 11th November, at group time we talked about why we wear poppies  and completed a minute silence surprisingly successfully (considering there were 6 children under 3!).

The following Friday we followed up the children's interest in Remembrance Day with a walk to the church to see the wreaths that had been laid.








Then we all went into the church to have a good look around.

On our way back to nursery we went for a run around in the field next to the Brake Pool. We were able to take children of all ages and  once out of their buggies, our one year olds were keen to try and keep up with the older children...










... although finding a stick proved a big diversion, then they were gone!!