Following signs and exploring!! Walking out & about

All of our walking, out and about, means the children are really coming to terms with the country code, paying attention to their surroundings, always keen to investigate!

Could you identify a footpath sign aged just 2 or 3? Grasshoppers know what they mean and enjoying following the markers in their explorations.


We had found this sign some time ago, but only recently followed the arrow right over to

the other side of the field to see where it would lead us.




It was a long a walk for little legs so we had a rest under a nearby tree, then when we were passed by a group of walkers we were able to point out the way, which they really appreciated!


We looked for different sorts of signs under our resting point, clues as to what sort of tree it was.


As well as  leaves we found acorns and an oak apple, so worked out it was an oak tree.


We then followed the footpath back the way we came, some with renewed energy, others taking it a bit more slowly!!