Activity Day 3 - 9th August

The third of our Summer Holidays activity days for primary school aged children was called 'From garden to plate'.  A wide variety of activities throughout the day enabled the children to  visit 'professional gardeners', do some planting of their own, explore the countryside and consider the wildlife all around us.

Sixteen children walked to Mrs. Bossom's kitchen garden to be shown what was growing  there by the gardeners, Ted and Steve. They gave us onions, courgettes and carrots to contribute to our cooking later in the day.





The children hunted in the orchard for natural things, such as feathers, bark and twigs to do running repairs on our bug hotel! Then using magnifying glasses they discovered that we have a family of woodlice, a ladybird and several spiders all currently enjoying their 5 star stay in Overbury!





Linking the countryside and the olympics,  a treasure hunt for  red, white and blue natural objects was carried out on the cricket pitch.

Other activities carried out in the morning were, making cress caterpillars and bird feeders  to enable the children to continue their cultivation and wildlife appreciation at home.





In the afternoon the children chose their own selections of  vegetables from the kitchen garden and some others and chopped them to make very individual vegetable lasagnes.

We had a large variety of quite interesting dishes but that was no excuse for one parent to decorate the road with one - we are not sure we believe it was an accident that it was left on the car roof!!

We actually had some very favourable feedback you really should have tried it!!