'Make and take' activity day

Having first gained  Farmer Jake's permission, the children stopped to collect barley on their way to the village hall, where they spent a very busy day creating numerous fabulous masterpieces!

 Two main activities were carried out in the morning.


On wood offcuts from Builder Mark the   children used some of the barley they had cut, along with feathers, rice, pasta, lentils and other natural materials to make collages.


 Other children painted mini masterpieces on real canvases, mixing colours and using different sized brushes. Some of them practised first on paper others just went for it!!

Throughout the day there were other opportunities available for the children to explore their creativity....

  • Duplo models were the only things the children were not able to take home, but they made some imaginative creations and returned again and again throughout the day.
  • Hama beads were another firm favourite, the children showing real patience and perseverance.
  • 3d tractors and sheep were carefully cut out and decorated with felt tips and/or stickers.


Before lunch everyone went outside, where a game of football was enjoyed by all - everyone versus Sharron's 12 year old nephew!

After lunch break three more activities were available.


Great dexterity was shown to weave and tie more of the barley and wheat, Sonya (our resident artist was very impressed with some of the knotting!)


The left over rice, pasta and lentils from the morning's collages were put to good use as the fillings for milk bottle shakers which were first beautifully decorated with stickers and marker pens!



It wouldn't have been a craft day without glitter - sparkly pine cones were a big hit!

Finally lots of thought went into a paper plate decorating competition....




... just think the next Van Gogh or Tracey Emin may be amongst the day's budding artists!