Playdough Birthday Cakes

We often make our own playdough with the children , this is always a very popular activity!

The children helped to measure out the ingredients and then chose the colour they wanted it to be. After making the playdough and allowing it to cool, the children got straight to work making playdough Birthday cakes. Once the children had made their cakes they added candles and sang Happy Birthday to each other.

This activity is a great way to develop the children's counting skills (they all counted the candles to see how old they were.) Whilst also developing their colour recognition, fine manipulative, social and language skills in a fun and very hands on way .

If you wanted to make playdough at home with your child read on from the recipe and method! 

Playdough recipe

2 cups- plain flour

2 tablespoons- vegetable oil

1/2 cup- salt

2 tablespoons- cream of tartar

2 cups- boiling water

food colouring of your choice

1. Add the flour, vegetable oil, salt and cream of tartar to a bowl and stir together.

2. Measure out the two cups of boiling water, add some food colouring to the water and stir into the mixture, (adults will need to do this bit!)*

3. Stir the mixture until it forms dough, allow to cool for a few minutes then tip it onto the table and knead until it becomes a soft, smooth dough. If the mixture is a little sticky knead more flour into the dough until it becomes the right texture

4. Give the playdough to the children and enjoy!!

5. If the playdough is stored in an airtight container it should stay fresh for several weeks

*You can also experiment by adding vanilla or peppermint essence with the food colouring, we have even found orange essence to go with orange playdough.

Jenny x