Visits to St. Faiths

One of our popular regular walks is to our village church, St. Faiths, the children enjoy exploring the church yard and inside too.

On the last day before Christmas, our Friday afternoon walk took us to the church. We had told the children they could look at the decorations and particularly the stable where Baby Jesus was born. We hadn't properly thought this promise through, however, as although the stable was there with figures inside, because our visit was before Christmas, of course Jesus wasn't yet in the manger! Although the children had a good time exploring, particularly the view from the lecturn and the light through the window above the altar...





...all the way back to nursery and for the rest of the afternoon our youngest child kept repeating "Where is Baby Jees?"


So, after Christmas we made sure that one of our first walks was to make sure 'Baby Jees' had arrived safely... and sure enough there he was!

Since then we have had requests for other walks to the church, where we, carefully followed the stream through the church yard and down to the pond.


And while we were exploring inside the church we found some toys and books, so we now enjoy a story time in the church each time we go and if we are well behaved on our walk (which we always are!) we get to play with what are now always referred to as Jesus' toys!!