Not just fresh air and exercise!!

At Grasshoppers we really enjoy our walks, exploring the village and the countryside surrounding the nursery. While the children always enjoy running free in the fields, our walks provide so many opportunities for learning in all 7 areas of the curriculum.(

We regularly visit the church but our exploration inside and out enables the children to discover more about 'People and Communities' within one of the specific areas of learning, 'Understanding the World'.




On a recent visit, the church door had, unusually, been pulled closed, so the children noticed how big it was. We were then able to do all sorts of practical maths,  like how many of us could line up in front of it! We were able to draw further comparisons when we discovered an even bigger door on our way back to nursery! The mathematical language used was very impressive - huge, enormous, gigantic (all these things were noted down for the children's files on our return).

As well as learning about nature and appreciating their beautiful surroundings, talking about what we see on our walks enables the children to extend their general vocabularies (as well as specific mathematical vocabulary as above).




The children noticed the birds swimming on the Brake Pool and all came back to nursery very eager to show that they had learned the name goslings, for the baby geese. They know that they shouldn't pick the wild flowers, but they enjoy carefully examining them and have most recently added buttercups and clover to the list they can identify.

We have the countryside code displayed at nursery (  and instil it's ideals in practice on our walks. All the children know what the footpath sign looks like and therefore where they can walk so as not to ruin the crops.

So whenever we are out and about we find numerous opportunities to 'squeeze learning in'!!