Sheep shearing outing

Tuesday 25th June was a lovely day to go up to Park Farm to watch the ewes being shorn, warm and sunny but not too hot! (There follows an account of the trip in which we have tried to highlight the areas of learning covered by the experience.)

While waiting for our special transport (tractor and trailer), the children were told about their forthcoming trip. Looking at the weather, we discussed what we needed to wear,  and related this to the sheep being hot and needing their fleeces taking off! We looked at what our cardigans were made of and saw that it was wool from the sheep. (Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Understanding the World)

As we climbed onto the trailer the children needed different levels of support but were keen to try for themselves (Physical). We then enjoyed a sunny, bumpy ride with lots of observation and conversation about what we saw on our way up the hill! (Communication and Language).

We were welcomed by Todd the shepherd to the same sheds where, just a few months ago many of the children witnessed the lambs being born. This time 200 ewes were due for a haircut!




The children stood and watched, absolutely fascinated (Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Understanding the World) as the shearers speedily worked through the sheep and were thrilled to see them bouncing off happily once relieved of their winter coats!

Todd spoke to the children about the process and let them feel the wool (Communication and Language and Understanding the World). The children were genuinely interested, asking lots of questions, who know maybe we have some future shepherds or sheares amongst our little brood at Grasshoppers!

Back at nursery the children were bursting to share their experience and all they had learned with the staff left behind and parents when they were collected.

It is outings like these which make us realise how lucky we are to have these opportunities to share with the children in our care!

Since the trip we have done some related craft activities creating sheep in collage, paint and pretend play - some real masterpieces! (Expressive Arts and Design)

Thanks so much to Overbury Farms especially to Todd and Graham who drove the tractor!