A fond farewell OG Class of 2013!

On Friday 26th the farm's tractor and trailer picked the leavers up at Grasshoppers at 5.30pm. They, their parents and siblings all enjoyed a ride through the village and up into the Park to a picnic spot by the stream.

The children all really enjoyed exploring and playing in the stream before tucking into the picnic food.





We then had  a little treasure hunt, all the leavers had to find a label with their name and photo on it.





When they had done this they exchanged it with me for their leaving present.

Many of the children sat down to enjoy their books there and then.





We tried to pose all of the leavers for a photograph all together, but as you can see some of the children had other ideas!





Because he knew how much everyone enjoyed the tractor ride on the way up, Derek did a lovely detour up through the Park before returning us all safely to nursery.


Good Bye and Good Luck to all our leavers, we know you are ready for the new challenges school has to offer! We would love to keep in touch - look out for our special activity days next term, they are only for grown up school children like you!