During summer.....

We have been watching the building work next door at the primary school with great interest, it is every 2 and 3 year olds idea of heaven to stand and watch the diggers and bulldozers (from behind the safety fencing!). The workmen have been brilliantwith their impromptu audiences, even if they have nothing to use them for at the time, they will start up the diggers and bulldozers if they see someone is interested! Perhaps our highlight to date has been the concrete mixing! There is a still lot of work to do though, so I am sure there will be many such excitements over the next few months! (https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Overbury-First-School-Fundraising/585445831473192?fref=ts).

We have grown lots of vegetables ourselves at Grasshoppers this year and also visit the estate's lovely kitchen gardens on some of our walks. During the summer the children have used some of the things harvested to make their own meals (parents have also been kind enough to share what they have grown too). They enjoyed making both vegetable lasagne and pizza and then ate really well! We have also made some sweet goodies to take home including banana bread and biscuits



We do think of ourselves as like a little family here at Grasshoppers with the children of different ages spending lots of time together. We have found that this means the youngest children will want to try things at an earlier age, seeing the older ones' accomplishments. It also means the older children learn to be considerate and caring. I think the photo below says it all!!