Proud of our work!

We have been busy updating some of the display boards at nursery in the last couple of weeks. The children have been showing their work off to their parents but if you haven't had a chance to look yet why not ask your little one to tell you about the displays? They are all works in progress so keep looking at the developments.

The birthday board is almost complete, the children have enjoyed making balloons,  reflecting different times of the year including lambing, Maypole and fireworks, painting and sticking and getting generally messy! They like seeing photographs of themselves and their friends. We will be adding names and dates so that the displays become additional leaning tools in the areas of 'literacy' and 'mathematics' (quotes from the development statements are also being added).

We are really enjoying watching all of the building work on the school next door!/pages/Overbury-First-School- Fundraising/585445831473192?fref=ts). So we have made a display in our construction area where there are some lovely paintings and drawings of diggers etc and photos of the work in progress. The builders have been really good with the children and we have even been promised a look around the site (they are going to close things down and make it safe especially for us and we are even going to have our high vis to feel part of it!)

As part of British Food Fortnight the children picked apples in the Court garden. As well as using them in baking, they also printed with them and these prints form just a small part of an autumn display. This display is going to develop as autumn goes on. We will be adding pumpkins when we hollow out our pumpkins at hallween. We  started 'building' our own display bonfire when we saw that they have started to gather wood for the Overbury Bonfire on another walk. Of course our bonfire will grow and probably 'be lit' (paper flames!!) and be surrounded with fireworks pictures when the children experience fireworks' night for themselves. Again this display will be used to enhance the children's learning. We are adding questions and numbers and more quotes from the Early Years' Foundation Stage curriculum.

Come and take a closer look!

Keep checking for all our additions!

Van Gogh's in the making - one and all!