Building Site Tour - 16th Oct

The children all knew about our visit to the site in advance. After watching from afar since work began, this week they have been trying on Buzz Sight Gear high vis jackets loaned to us by Speller Metcalfe and they brought in their wellies and waterproofs on Wednesday. The rain may have meant there was less to clear away for our visit but it definitely didn't dampen the children's enthusiasm!

Alan, the foreman showed 11 children round, we were allowed to go right inside, where there is going to be a big hall, but we also explored the smaller rooms. We also saw a mountain of sand, huge towers of bricks, diggers (waiting for the rain to stop) but a cement mixer still going! (Why not use these as prompts to get your children to tell you more?)

He told us the proper names for some of the equipment but I think the children will continue to refer to them as diggers and dumper trucks!

Christine tried to leave the children behind, but when she tried to put them in the skip they said Sharron should be put in instead!


Lots of fun was had squelching in the mud and jumping in puddles. Tom wanted to stay behind to help with the building!

Alan came back with us to nursery and was shown our display and paintings in our construction corner. He gave us a big plan of the site and the children  started more drawings straight away. He has also sent through the following link: why not explore the children's enthusiasm at home.

One of our two year olds went to Christine just to say "I had a lovely time!"

A big thank you to the builders who have all been so good with the nursery children throughout the build!