Halloween Fun

We have a week of  ‘celebrations’ for Halloween , culminating in our Halloween Party day on Thursday. As usual we have been sneaking the learning in - colour mixing to paint pumpkins, counting and measuring making bat biscuits and learning about growing things as we discovered the seeds inside our pumpkins (which we have saved to plant for next year).





The children also concentrated while honing fine motor skills to make bunting to decorate the room and explored the contents of the pumpkins we hollowed, using lots of descriptive language, extending their vocabularies. (We hollowed out a pumpkin each day of the week so that everyone could have a go, we were also able to talk about shape, the children requesting the design for each face and make comparisons and explore mathematical language when considering the different sizes of the pumpkins.



On party day, the children enjoyed musical party games and got messy picking sweets from plates of icing sugar with their mouths and made Halloween spider cakes.

We also did our own trick or treating around the village all dressed up in our Halloween costumes, some people were brave enough to try Carolyn's  smoking (icing sugar dust!) trick or treat box, and if they found the spider they earned more treats for the children!

Thanks to all of you who made such an effort with fancy dress and baked lovely cakes !

Don't forget we are going to be having more dressing up fun, fundraising  for Children in  Need next week - both Tuesday and Thursday are pyjama days at Grasshoppers!! and throughout the week will be baking lots of delicious goodies which we will be selling - don't miss out!!!