Christmas Tree Trip

On Tuesday 3rd  December we took the children of all ages (1 - 4 years) on a tractor and trailer ride to choose our Christmas tree from the estate plantation at the top of the village.

The children all loved the tractor and trailer ride. It seemed the bumpier it got the more they liked it!

We now have getting on and offdown to a fine art!

We had a good look at all the trees (our maths language and comparisons being used all the time!). We chose one that was not too 'bushy' (a word one of the parents commented had been used for the first time at home following the trip!)


Derek cut it down there and then  and carried it back to the trailer, so that it travelled back to nursery with us!

A big thank you particularly to Derek, but also to Overbury Farms and Estate , we are so lucky that our close connection allows us to enjoy unique opportunities such as these!