Save your stamps!

One of our favourite, regular walks is to the church. Whilst there one day, we noticed that they are collecting stamps for Mercy Ships to raise money to send all sorts of help to the poorest countries in the world. So we thought we would involve the children and take up any stamps we can collect. During or first week back we made our first delivery.

We enjoyed our walk to the church, following footpath signs and remembering the way from previous walks. On the way we talked about the reason we are saving our stamps and the things the Mercy Ships carry to help those in need. We also had to go through , both long grass and mud so were able to act out parts of an ever popular story, 'We're going on a bear hunt' - "swishy, swashy", "squelch squerch"!!

At the church everyone had a turn to put some of our stamps into





the box provided ........... (we filled it to overflowing!)

After that the children really enjoyed exploring, beginning with the favourite game of looking at the pictures on the kneelers, we found lots of different animals, but it took us ages to find the aeroplane this time (but we did!!)

One of the boys really liked this big chair he found, he said he was a king! When I explained that it was more likely that a vicar sat in the chair ...

...and told them what else the vicar does and where he preaches from, everyone wanted a turn at being the vicar!!

We are continuing to collect stamps for the Mercy Ship Appeal, if you have any at home, as you can see, the children at Grasshoppers will be only too happy to deliver them!!