Easter Activity Days

We were quickly fully subscribed for out 2 Easter Activity Days - 'Nature Explorers' Wednesday 16th and 'Make and Take' Thursday 24th April. Messy, wet fun was had by all on both days and I, for one was exhausted at the end of each day!








To start our 'Nature Explorers' day we were lucky enough to have a tractor and trailer ride up to the lambing sheds, where, even after the official 'lambing live' day http://www.overburyfarms.co.uk/events/lambingday2014/, there was still plenty to see.





We were just looking round one shed when we were called over to see a ewe giving birth, then the children saw the orphan lambs, and lots were lucky enough to have a cuddle with one.

After spending about an hour with the lambs, we walked down the hill to one of our favourite spots, setting up camp in The Park near the stream.

We did lots of pond dipping before lunch and had a close look at some elvers (baby eels),  caught near Tewkesbury, before releasing them and all our other finds before lunch.


After lunch we had the obligatory duck races, in 4 teams this time, with personalised ducks and lots of good natured support!!

We rounded our day off with nature treasure hunts. The teams laid trails of arrows made with sticks for their friends to follow to the treasure!

The second Easter Activity Day was one of our art, make and take days. We like to use natural resources and explore outdoors even on days based largely indoors.

So we started our day with a walk to the forest. We collected twigs on our way and looked out for animal tracks which we made plaster of Paris castes of.


Back at the hall we ran one of our competitions throughout the day. Each child decorated a simple cardboard cone with a table full of resources to choose from, with amazingly creative results! We had King Tut's beard, 'Blood Hound' the fastest car in the world  and a helter skelter man, to name just a few. It was  judged by Mrs. Bossom's P.A., Anna, with an official prize giving with certificates and grown up hand shakes and support all round.


The twigs gathered on our walk were used to make nests for real eggs we blew and painted ...very carefully!. 

Hama bead  and lego creations were worked on throughout the day and necklaces threaded and some very inventive clay models made.

A very busy, creative day, with lots of wonderfully imaginative creations to take home... but lego has to be broken up, so some people needed what they had made to be photographed for posterity!!

Dates for the May Half Term and Summer Holiday Activity Days are on the website's dates page, book early to avoid disappointment!