Easter Bonnet Competition

We held a very successful Easter bonnet making competition culminating with a parade, Easter Egg Hunt and other games on Wednesday 23rd April.

We were absolutely delighted with the amount of parents and extended families (grand parents and cousins helped!) who put so much effort into the creation of such a variety of wonderful hats - with chickens that made noises, Australian style hanging eggs and even an octopus as essential Easter decoration).





With some parents and grand parents in attendance we had an Easter Bonnet parade, but couldn't possibly chose just one winner, so everyone received a special certificate!





The Easter Egg Hunt was great fun, they were so good I wasn't able to capture a photo of the hunt in progress and before we could  collect the eggs in to save to show parents... they were devoured!!

Thanks to everyone who put in so much time and effort with the Easter works of art, we were so pleased with the family involvement we hope to do other similar projects in the future!