Maypole - keen early learners!

We had been privy to the school's Maypole practice sessions, taking place just over the fence and planned our usual visit to watch, but this year we have been Maypole dancing here at Grasshoppers too!

The children decorated  a large cardboard tube and then the builders next door kindly made holes in it and we threaded it with coloured ribbons. Some of the  children went down to watch a practise session and then back at nursery had a go for themselves!

This has been an activity we have repeated time and again(both before and since the real thing) and the children of all ages have been keen to have a go - I think we maybe Maypoling into July and beyond!!

On the day of the Maypole - Friday 23rd we took a small group of children to the school to watch.  Even though it was wet, it went ahead in the lovely (nearly completed) school hall.

The nursery children seemed to really enjoy the dancing and singing, clapping along appreciatively, especially enthusiastic when they recognized siblings or friends who come to After School Club!

I thought they were really well behaved and was pleased it wasn’t just my biased view when we received compliments about their behaviour from parents and grandparents standing behind us!