Pheasant and partridge chicks

On Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th May, Susie  (and her Daddy the gamekeeper!) invited us  to the estate hatchery to see the newly hatched pheasant and partridge chicks.

We were shown into the shed where all the day and two day old chicks were ...

...we had to go into a dark shed and quickly shut the door to keep it nice and warm for the chicks, and keep our voices down so that we didn't scare them!


Then after admiring them from a distance, we were able to see both the pheasant and partridge chicks up close and even give them a little stroke as long as we were very gentle!





After a last look (and trying to count them, but there were 450 in each pen and they moved very quickly!) we went to see where the chicks came from!

The next shed held the incubators,  we were shown how the trays are moved round with the flick of a switch! Then shining a light into the different eggs Susie's Daddy let us see which held a chick!

 The children asked about the "mummy and daddy pheasants", so next we were shown all of them, outside in large pens.

All of the eggs are collected from the pens (7-800 a day!!) and put into the incubators. We have been invited back to see the chicks being transferred to the pens to explore the great outdoors and we are already looking forward to that!

Back at nursery Susie brought in some of the eggs (without chicks in!) and we used them in for baking. Everyone took home a cake made from pheasant eggs and we enjoyed pheasant egg quiche for tea!