So much fun outdoors!

We are spending more and more time outside with the improving weather, the children just love to be outdoors! But it is not just their physical development that is being worked on!

Anything that can be done inside can easily be taken outside!

We use a range of resources, some very similar to those enjoyed inside, to explore all areas of learning outdoors too too .

But being outside also allows new and varied opportunities to explore;

for example – chalks are used for mark making and painting with decorators’ brushes and water is another outdoor favourite, encouraging creativity and literacy.


And of course all of our gardening allows the children to learn about where what they eat comes from and how it grows.

The small world toy - dinosaurs, mini beasts, wild animals and farm animals have so much more 'world' to explore outside! The children's imaginations knowing no bounds (Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design).

The children have really enjoyed watching the building work next door and they enjoy the opportunity to copy what they see over the fence, with a range of construction toys outdoors as well as in.

We can also have a lovely outdoor story time in the shade of the canopy!

And there is always time for the children of all ages to explore their physical capabilities!