Engineers of the future?!

The focus for this summer's art activity day was buildings, we asked parents to provide boxes and other things to create our own village and they really delivered!

We walked around the village to get ideas and inspiration and then started to build!

The children spent the whole morning creating buildings, roads, cars etc really engrossed in their tasks.

Imaginations held no bounds! We had a church complete with balconies and drain pipe, thatched houses, a pub, an ice cream shop, a Greek temple and a fabulous cooperative venture with several storeys (including a dungeon!) and so much more!

They worked together on the roads and if something needed 'running repairs' the children helped each other out. And just look at the finished article, the picture just doesn't do it justice!!

After lunch we walked to the church yard, where the children did rubbings and they were all interested in and knowledgeable  about the World War One celebrations.




Back at the village halls they made bookmarks with grasses gathered in the churchyard and badges, we were treated to several verses of 'It's a long way to Tipperary' and 'Pack up your troubles' as they worked!

What a creative day!!