Good Sports!

  • 28 Aug 2014
  • PE

We ran one sports activity day at the beginning of the holidays and one at the end and on both occasions the children turned up ready and raring to go!




They did warm-up exercises first, then straight into a game of football. The teams were Manchester United v Nottingham Forest (due to the strips worn by some of the children!).

It was a very competitive but good natured match, both teams scoring and the team captains offering lots of encouragement to their teams. But Manchester United won out in the end (Carolyn is really hoping this will not be Man U's only win of the season!!)

There were lots of other activities throughout the day, with the children split into teams - Lions versus Tigers...

relay races, parachute games, ladders, up and over with logs (plastic toy ones, we might graduate to the real thing next time!)


...Tigers were the victors but the  Lions came very close!

I think the staff were more exhausted than the children at the end of the day though!!