Messy hands make.......

We got through lots of soap and water on our latest messy, baking activity day!!

First we made meatballs, which involved the children getting their hands messy in the mixture, which, as you can imagine, they thoroughly enjoyed!

In the process the children learned safety in the kitchen. Along with the need to wash hands, we talked about safe knife skills, hot ovens, and onion and chilli powder near eyes!!


We made a tomato and vegetable sauce to accompany the meatballs, using newly learned knife skills.

For dessert the children made apple and raspberry crumble. Again more messy hands, we used raspberries kindly donated by the kitchen garden (which we visited on our previous 'From Garden to Plate' Activity Day.)


As a treat they made marshmallow lollies, which I am surprised made it to the end of the day with the rest of the goodies made!!


Everyone helped to tidy up a the end of the day - hopefully this skill will transfer... to tidying their rooms at home!!