Nature Explorers

Our 'Nature

Explorers' Activity Day was scheduled for Monday 11th August (the day after torrential downfalls!! and you can't really explore nature from indoors!)


But we were very lucky and spent a morning getting wet, but only from having fun in the stream and an afternoon getting muddy in the forest.

We found lots of shrimps in the stream and a group of boys spent a long time making a 'hotel' of them under overhanging tree roots and apparently ended up have thousands of inhabitants!

We also found a very lively frog...

...and came to the conclusion that the stream in the COCO orchard is better for duck races than the one in the Park (and we are experts by now!)


After just about everyone changing clothes we did some den building.Then ate lunch in the dens.



After lunch we made some mud creatures, among them, a hedgehog and a lizard!



Then we built some twig towers, cooperative ventures, with children assuming different roles and building impressive structures!

Lots of the ideas we used came from the woodland trust website, but we got so involved that we didn't have time to do half the things planned, why not discover the site for yourselves and become nature detectives, let us know how you get on with your outdoor exploration?