Outdoor Mark Making

We have really enjoyed spending lots of time outside this summer, able to explore all 7 areas of learning outside just as well as inside http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/files/2012/03/Development-Matters-FINAL-PRINT-AMENDED.pdf 

We were recently given a white board, which we have been putting to good use as another resource for mark making outside.

It is a good size, allowing several children to use it at the same time, thus getting them to work together and share and take turns with resources (especially the special magnetic board rubber!)

We have also witnessed something that happens a lot at Grasshoppers with all of the age groups mixed together - a positive sort of peer pressure. One of the younger children sees an older one drawing a person or writing their name and suddenly the marks they are making have a definite purpose too!

The white board is on wheels, so we have been using it in both gardens, but we are still enjoying old mark making favourites, like chalking and decorators brushes with water.