Apples and pears

During British Food Fortnight the children went out to pick apples and pears themselves for their baking.

Gardeners Leigh and Tom took a group of children to the court garden to pick fruit.


They looked carefully at everything they picked, not happy with the bruised fruit, 'only the best for our baking!'

Back at nursery they washed the fruit outside and, as is always the case with water play activities, everyone wanted to take part!

They soon found that if they waited and took turns they were able to get really stuck in, enjoying water play and cleaning the fruit ready for baking!

The fruit was used in several baking activities. The children counted the apples and talked about the different sizes of the fruit, before using other maths skills in measuring out ingredients.

Crumble and apple cake were taken home and then another crumble was given to the gardeners to say  a big thank you!