Christmas Post

The children have been 'writing' letters to Father Christmas and this week we have been on several walks to post them, to make sure he knows exactly what the children have asked for!

The children of all ages have put lots of time, thought and care  into their requests and have written and illustrated letters, talked about them and enjoyed the walks to post them - all 7 areas of learning covered in one activity!


On one of our walks we got to the post box just as the postman arrived. So he took our letter personally and the children were able to see inside the post box, when he emptied it!


The younger children put just as much into their letters and  have been as excited just to post them into the nursery post box! 

So now we are waiting to see if we get a reply from the man himself and obviously he will be watching so the children are bound to be on their best behaviour! We have received personalised video messages from Father Christmas in the past and the children have loved it, why not try for yourselves at