Halloween Fun and Games!

We had a party day the day before halloween, when children and staff all dressed up!

The children decorated halloween biscuits with lots of sugary goodies.

These were wrapped up to take home...


...but they then played a game of getting the sweets out of icing sugar with their mouths, ending up looking like little ghosts.

We had special snacks too, banana ghosts!!

Then we went on our annual trick or treat walk.

We showed the estate office staff the children's costumes and were rewarded with our pick of sweets. Then we went to the court, where a little boy starting Grasshoppers later this month was obviously keen to be part of the action!

The gardeners, creating a wildflower meadow outside nursery, also had treats for us so we didn't have to do any tricks!

Back at nursery we played more games and hollowed out another pumpkin (because the children attend for different sessions we had been doing halloween activities all week, so this was our fourth!) The children chose designs from the internet  for 2 pumpkins, a bat and a spider (https//uk.pinterest.com) (learning at the same time that "information can be retrieved from computers" EYFS development statements). The other 2 pumpkin designs were drawn on by the children, all were carefully carved out by Jayne!


We had more dressing up and games on Friday, some costumes lovingly made by parents, what a fun week!